At Southern Comfort, we've built the business on Great Advice and Quality Work for over 35 years. David Coffey, owner, has education and experience in properly insulating and air sealing homes. He holds several National Certifications in Residential Efficiency and has studied Building Science. You can put these to work on your Home.


Updating Existing

Whether you are Building a new home or need to update your existing home, we can help you with the process.


Southern Comfort Group has been around since 1980, so we really mean it when we say we're here to help you. 

New Homes

The Southern Comfort Site here is currently under Construction. Please, some function may not work at this time. We are working on the site as much as possible with content and photos.

All Contact Information is current and correct. Please give me a call and like me know how I can help You. Thank You.